Dormer Construction

Dormer construction has been around for a long time.

They can come in many sizes. They can significantly alter a look of a roof line and hence the entire building.

I built this one for a cottage a few years back. The owners used this space as a bedroom.

We needed to build this space in order to get enough room to actually make a bedroom.


A view from the interior to the opening.

These are times when you hope there isn't going to be a big downpour.

Construction 2

View from exterior. This is the lake side of the cottage.

Starting the framing.

Loft Bedroom

How do you like the old ladder we found at this cottage. What can I say, it worked!

Cottage Bedroom

Here we are framing the peak.

Cottage Construction

This was done in November. Glad the weather held out for us.

Construction of Cottage Bedroom

Construction At Cottage

Framing the bedroom.

Cottage Bedroom

Installing plywood sheathing on exterior. It's starting to shape up!

View From Lake

Here's a side view.

Whew, still no rain, we got lucky here. Almost closed in now.

Picture of Cottage

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