Architect Drawings

Before you get architect drawings done, it's advisable to hire your architect to help you purchase a property.

Have you considered hiring an architect before you buy your lot? Building a home is a big investment. An architect might help you to save yourself costly mistakes. A professional might help you to see potential or drawbacks in a property.

The trained eye of a professional architect will help you to understand what kind of a house can be built on a particular lot … and what can’t.

You, with your architect, can assess characteristics of a property or subdivision lot.

What are the pluses about this site? What are the minuses?

Every building lot has obvious characteristics. But every building lot has hidden potential as well.

Newer residential neighbourhoods have the benefit of a subdivision agreement. They will ascertain the size and type of home that needs to be built.

This is a great benefit to the entire subdivision and the neighbors.

Right House on Right Property - Why?

For instance, you could have a subdivision with beautiful homes valued at $600,000.

Then someone decides to come along and build a house for $250,000 in that same neighbourhood. A house of lesser value will pull the value down on all the other homes.

So it’s advantageous to everyone in that subdivision to have a standardization of the type of house you can build. It's also a benefit to everyone that you have architect drawings done by a professional.

Here's a Twist on this Example

Let’s take the example of this same neighbourhood.

Let’s suppose the homes are valued at $600,000. They are beautiful, elegant and stately homes. Now you have an environmentalist come along.

They want to build a straw-insulated house with mud-type plaster on the outside. Furthermore, they build solar-panels and wind turbines around the perimeter of the house.

And of course, they have a laundry line across the entire lot.Yes, this might be an extreme example.

Now don’t get me wrong. I think this is a direction we should be heading.

But this type of house might need to find a building lot that is not part of a subdivision plan of traditional high-end homes. This type of house won’t fit in here.

And this is the reason they have subdivision rules and regulations.

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