Home Renovation

Are You Ready to Start a Home Renovation?

Are you ready to start a home makeover?

A small bathroom renovation?

Or will you be adding some new built-in's to your family room?

Homes can be complex structures.

There’s more going on in a home then most people understand. And because we live in these structures every day, we think we understand how they work. And we think we know what we need. But I think we can get more confused than we realize.

Dealing with the "Real" Reality

We even watch television shows that show us in one hour how easy it is to perform an extreme home makeover, re-decorate a room or build a brand new home. Heck, there is even a television that shows how to build a luxurious home in a week calling it an extreme home makeover.

So that’s TV. But we’re going to stay grounded in reality.

The fact is our homes can be complex. And I believe they take professionals to transform your ideas into reality.

Making Good Design Become Functional

You might have a house with problems that require a remedy. Or you might be designing a house that is causing you problems with design and function. Houses can have inherent design problems. Almost all designs problems can be fixed – if you’re willing to support that with money.

Sometimes, it’s about re-thinking the way we view approaching the space if we are open to rethink how we’re going to use that space.

Know What Your House Needs To Give You

We need to determine what we want from our houses. As a homeowner, it is your obligation to share with your designers, architects, builders and contractors what you need from your home. As a homeowner you need to pay attention to what it is you really need. And your design professional needs to listen to your desires for design.

Getting Inspired Is Easy -- But Be Informed!

I hope that the pages of this website can help you to understand the complexities of renovating or building a new home. I hope that I can give you inspiration, ideas, and foresight into undertaking your house challenge.

My experienced insight comes from many years of experience as a designer, remodeler, construction manager and building inspector. I have worked with all kinds of people, in many aspects of residential and commercial construction.

I’ve helped people see why a kitchen cupboard door cannot be put there because it will hit the wall, or building a small 2 piece bathroom in a corner will cram the toilet too close to the ceiling or show people how building a kitchen to work in is more advantageous than building a thruway for all the traffic in the home.

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