Dormer Construction

Dormer architecture has been around for a long time.

They can come in many sizes. They can significantly alter a look of a roof line and hence the entire building.

I designed this one for a cottage a few years back. The owners used this space as a bedroom.

This picture shows a completed dormer on a beautiful winter day.

View from interior of the dormer. The space was large enough to house a queen bed, furniture, and a small office space. This dormer had a great view to the lake.

And this is the other side of the dormer with a well-placed skylight.

View of staircase from loft bedroom.

View from loft. Isn't this a cool dormer bedroom?

Beautiful railing that ties into the ceiling line.

That wooden post actually came from a barn. This beam really suited the architecture of this space. Don't you agree?

If you're interested in viewing the construction of this dormer, I have a series of pictures on this page.

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