Preliminary Preparations

My Objective:

To assist homeowners or contractors by
providing all the services that are required for getting a home from the "idea" stage to the "ready-to-build" stage.


√ Conceptual Designs
√ Drafting (BCIN Approved)
√ Engineering & Services Approvals
√ Permits (Building & Plumbing)
√ Site Development

Under the requirements of the Ontario Building Code, permits are required to construct, alter, amend or demolish small buildings (residential). This basic service meets the requirements for most municipalities.

I can offer you a quote based upon all the work required from design to
ready-to-build stage.

I will provide you a quote package that will outline my scope of work and fee structure. I will come to your building site for our first meeting. Following our initial meetings we will determine the services you will require from me.

Additional services may include such things as Zoning and/or By-law Amendments and will need to be authorized before commencing with these specific items.


√ design services which include the preparation of scaled design drawings/sketches for the contractor/owner

√ all building measurement work required for the proposed work (does not include site survey work)

√ all meetings with the contractor/owner as necessary to ascertain the design perimeters for the project

√ up to three revisions to the design layouts drawings/sketches for the contractor/owner

√ construction budget estimates for the contractor/owner for the proposed work

√ BCIN approved construction drawings for the purposes of obtaining building and plumbing permits from the municipality with revisions as necessary. Five copies of final construction drawings for contractor

√ P. Eng. stamped structural engineering drawings for beams/columns/walls , roof trusses and floor systems as required by municipality

√ obtain building/plumbing permits for the contractor/owner for the proposed work including paid permit fees and deposits up to $ 1,000. (Permits turned over ready for construction work.) Electrical permits and fees carried by electrical contractor

√ all pre-construction meetings as required with municipal officials of the Building Department(s) ( does not include on-site inspections during construction if requested )

√ BCIN approved HVAC calculations for the proposed addition/construction work including ventilation layouts drawings/sketches as required by the municipality

√ buried service locates completed if required

Obtaining a Building Permit in Ontario, Canada

The process of obtaining building permits in Ontario, Canada has changed significantly over the last 20 years. In fact, major changes have occurred in just the past 5 years.

Note: Information about my services pertains to Ontario, Canada. Check with your own local municipality about permits and regulations.

The Ontario Building Code (OBC) now requires all drawings submitted for small buildings (for all renovated structures over 50 m2) by Contractors/Companies be reviewed or prepared by an individual or professional firm carry a Building Code Identification Number (BCIN).

The BCIN individual must take responsibility for the content of the drawings and answer questions according to the requirements of the OBC from the municipality on the construction drawings before the permit will be issued.

In addition, most municipalities also require the structure, heat/cooling calculations and HVAC layout drawings be submitted with the permit application.

If the property is serviced by a septic waste disposal system that system must also be reviewed and/or designed by a Professional Engineer.

Home owners may submit their own drawings prepared by them only for permits if they are competent in the appropiate OBC sections. They are still required to submit P. Eng. drawings for roof trusses/beams, and septic systems.

HVAC work must also be completed by individuals/firms carrying a BCIN. The solution here is to retain a company/individual who will co-ordinate and administer this planning work.

If you are from southwestern Ontario, I offer construction administration services for contractors and/or homeowners.

Who Should Hire My Services?

a) Homeowners:

As a homeowner, the entire process of building or remodeling can be a daunting and complicated process. Even for those of us who are seasonsed at this work, it can get complicated.

When you hire my services, I can ensure you that I will take care of all those details. Everything from designing, drawing, applications, meetings, serverances, zoning changes, site development, permits etc. will be covered by me. I will even handle all the meetings and correspondence with your municipall building department.

At the end of it all you will have a valid permit and proper BCIN drawings to hand to your builder.

b) Contractors:

As contractors, you are busy people. You require many different trades to perform all kinds of services and functions to complete a renovation or new house.

You want to provide your client with the best full design/build service you can. By utilizing my professional services, I can take all that front-end administration. Under your direction, I can work with your homeowner to assist them with getting started on their new home or remodeling their existing one. Then you can stay focused on your construction work.

In other words, I make the permit happen. Then your work starts at the time the permit is issued.


- Lot Surveys
- Minor Variances
- Zoning Amendment Applications
- Property Consent Applications
- By-Law Amendment Applications
- Property Severance Applications
- Conservation Authorities
- Archeological Study
- Hydrological Study
- Drinking Water Systems(wells)

- Service Entrance Applications for Hydro, Water, Sewage, Septic System Designs
- Energy Audits
- Colour & Finish Selections from Owners

These additional services are available and are billed separately at our standard hourly consulting rates and do not include application fees, studies, etc.

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