Windows in House Design

It's Scale, Size & Quantity in Window Design

Windows in house designs when used in just the right scale, size and quantities will make the design look great.

For centuries, windows were passages or holes in the wall. They allowed the exchange of fresh air into the dwelling and stagnant, old, smoke-filled air to be cleared inside the home.

Windows changed from utility purposes to becoming passages for air, light and views.

In the past, craftsman would custom build every single window. Windows would be customized to fit the openings for each room. However, as it is with most things made today, windows are rarely custom-made. Now-a-days windows are mass-produced.

Window Technology Has Changed and Improved Windows Immensely

They have improved the technology in windows. Windows today have ratings standards that must be met. Our windows of today are virtually draft-free and provide some R-value. And all this new technology has kept windows affordable.

Windows in house design are built and designed as aesthetic elements to enhance and identify the architecture, but we still use these openings for the passage of air from inside and outside of the dwelling.

Finding Balance Between Wall Space & Window Size

It’s important that windows and wall spacing fits right. It’s the balance between keeping the room bright with natural light and keeping enough wall space to make the room a sheltered place to live and satisfying building codes.

Windows are desirable when they are placed in a desirable location along the wall. The window becomes a “feature” when this window is situated in the room as to maximize its’ benefit.

If you place too many windows in the house, you minimize the interior wall space and thus affect the living in the interior of the home.

It’s good to have spaces in the house that don’t have windows. These are places where wall units, furniture and built-in’s need to be placed.

The Room Will Dictate The Window Design

It’s also critical to understand that some rooms command more light than others. A sunroom is simply that – a sunroom. So a room like this commands lots of windows. Whereas a bedroom, library or den is a space that we see as darker so we can line the walls with bookshelves and beds.

Our building code here does not require our kitchens to have a window. But our dining rooms do. Typically designers and builders will place the windows in the dining room adjacent to the kitchen. The light from the dining room sheds into the kitchen space. This is commonly done.

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