Economical House Plans
Tend to Lack Detail

Economical house plans create houses that lack exterior features and details.

In this day and age of keeping the cost of housing down, houses have become odd in their architecture view.

What I mean is that houses have beautiful architectural features on the front elevation (the elevation facing the street).

So we have created thousands of subdivision homes with little to no architectural features on the sides and rear elevations.

A good designer will design your home with great architectural features on the sides and rear of the home. It’s imperative that this is done.
As we view houses from a three dimensional aspect, creating a visually appealing home requires attention to details on all sides.

One Technique You Can Try

I believe at looking at this differently.

Why not brick the bottom 3 feet of the front elevation and use other materials such as siding, board, or stucco above.

When you only brick the first 3 feet of your house, you can afford to brick the entire house perimeter with that same three feet of brick. This creates a congruent appearance on all sides of the house and allows you some architectural contrast at the same time.

This approach spreads the cost around all four elevations while still allowing a flavour of brick throughout the perimeter of the house.

This approach will be pleasing to you as well when it comes time to sell your home. Buyers will appreciate this architectural touch.

Ask for Details from Your Designer

Homebuyers need to become more in tune and savvy about asking for this. When homebuyers demand better design, the builders, architects and communities will rise to the occasion. There are ways for designers to articulate features into economical house plans.

In Ontario, we love bricks. A brick home tends to show better and intrinsically appear to have more value.

So what do designers and architects do? They put all the brick on the front elevation.

So when all that money is spent, they use cheaper exterior finishes on the sides and rear elevation in order to make up savings in that brick cost.

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