Asbestos Insulation Removal

Asbestos insulation is a type of insulation that can be found in older homes. If you find asbestos, it is best to leave asbestos undisturbed so as not to release any potential fibers in the air.

If the asbestos fibers becomes airborne, the fibers can be breathe in through the lungs. Asbestos fibers that get caught in the lungs can cause scarring and future health problems including lung cancer.

So Where Can Asbestos Be Found?

Scaping or Tearing at Old Vinyl Asbestos Floor Tiles

Removing Asphalt Shingles Containing Asbestos

Tearing Down Old Plaster Ceilings Containing Asbestos

Disturb Fibers from Behind Walls

Removing Siding Containing Asbestos

Removing Roofing Felt With Asbestos

Sanding Old Paint with Asbestos

How Do You Get Rid of Asbestos?

If you have asbestos insulation in the attic and walls, it's best to be left undisturbed.

Removing asbestos is not a do-it-yourself project. It requires professionals.

But if you're about to embark on a renovation project, then you need to see this asbestos as a hazardous waste project, and thus it needs to be handled that way.

Leave It To The Professionals

Your professional abatement company should be licensed and experienced in this type of work. Make sure you find out their credentials before you hire someone.

A qualified professional in the asbestos removal business will need to be brought in to determine whether the product is asbestos. If it is, then a licensed abatement company will need to be hired to remove this harmful product in a safe manner.

Removing Asbestos is Difficult

Removing asbestos can be costly and invasive. The company will come into the house with protective coveralls and respirators. The house will get sealed so that no airborne particulate gets outdoors.

The professionals will use negative air pressure to keep the air from leaking outside. Approved HEPA filter vaccums will remove the product. Then the company is required to dispose of the contaminants in an approved manner.

As you can see, this is no small task and certainly not something the average person should be doing for themselves. And this type of work is certainly not something that can be done on the "cheap". It will cost you.

If you're going to do any type of renovation in this area, you really have no choice but to see to the removal of this harmful product. But in the long run, spending the money removing this product will be worth it.

Homes that house asbestos can have an negative impact on the speed of selling your home. Asbestos can also negatively impact your property values.

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