Basement Design Ideas

Basement design ideas require some basic ingredients that need to be looked at before you can go too far in the design process.

For example, one concern with basement remodeling is looking at things like structural post that could impede furniture layout.

Designers look for opportunities to create design illusions. And when it comes to basement design, creating design illusions can help in this space.

Shorten Doors to Create An Illusion

Shorten the doors and door jambs by an inch or two.

This trick will create the feeling of a higher ceiling. It might not be feasible if you're a tall family but it's an idea worth looking at.

And another trick is to use smaller molding and door and window trim.

Integrating Support Posts

If you have supporting posts or columns that are an integral part of the structure of your house, consider concealing these supporting posts inside walls or decorative columns.

If you're looking to build a couple of rooms in the basement, use the supporting posts as the location where you'll build your new walls and enclose those post into the wall cavity.

Incorporate the supporting posts by building decorative columns around them. Make them a design feature instead of a flaw.

Add structural beams where you are looking to open the space up entirely as one open concept. This will require a structural engineer and a qualified contractor. This step does cost the most but it might possibly be worth the time and money.

Basements Have Moisture

There are products on the market that creates a moisture resistant, insulating barrier from the concrete floor to the finished flooring.

I wouldn't consider a basement remodel without installing a basement sub-floor systems. All basements carry moisture to some degree. So moisture and humidity levels will have to be addressed.

Be Selective on Basement Floor Finishes

When you're below grade, moisture is a constant condition you have to deal with in getting basement design ideas. So chosing your floor finishes is important.

Here in Canada, with our cold climate it works better with a carpet or laminate flooring. These floor finishes provide warmth.

But if there is excessive moisture that is not properly handled, the moisture will affect the performance of certain floor finishes such as carpet and laminate flooring.

Of course, tile flooring can handle the moisture but here in Canada it's way too cold. You'll have to consider installing heating cables under the tiles when looking at tiling your basement as part of your plan for basement design ideas.

I have seen one person install tiles in their entire basement. With our cold winters, their basement was unbearable to walk on. It didn't matter how high you cranked the heat, you couldn't get those floors warm enough.

However, if you're in a warm climates, there is nothing more pleasing that tiles on the floors. Those nice cool tiles are very welcomed in a hot climate. And tiles can certainly handle moisture.

Performance is important when you're considering basement floor finishes. Make sure you understand what you're buying and how it will work in your basement.

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