Basement Finishing Ideas

Here is a list of basement finishing ideas if you're not sure what you want to do with this space.

The design industry continues to search and re-define new ideas and uses for basements.

And these basement are turning into some of the best rooms in the house.

Here Are Some Ideas For Your Basement

√ Home Theaters

√ Workout Rooms

√ Games Room with Room For Large Game Equipment

√ Extra Bedrooms

√ Bar Rooms With Sinks, Bar Fridges and Flat Screen TV's

√ Sports Rooms

√ Child Play Rooms

√ Home Offices

√ Home Offices for a Small Company

√ Study Rooms

√ Full Bathrooms With Hot Tubs

√ Storage Rooms With High Quality Cabinetry & Storage Solutions

√ Pool Rooms

√ Wine Cellars

√ Wine-Tasting Rooms

√ Full Second Kitchens For Dinners When Entertaining

√ Mini Kitchenettes In Bar Areas

√ Hot Tub Rooms and Saunas

√ Studios for Playing Music with Sound Barriers

Basements Are Different From Other Levels

Your unfinished basement is a bonus space. It's a space that you'd build an uncommon room. You'd build a room here that you wouldn't necessarily build anywhere else in the house.

There are a lot of considerations for basement design ideas .

It's not the same space as the other levels of your home because of moisture, air flow and ventilation.

 It's also where you house the utilities of your home. So it does require different treatment.

When hiring a contractor to remodel the basement, find out if he has experience with basement remodeling. Don't be afraid to ask to see some of his work. Instead of thinking of this space as a 'basement', reconsider it as an addition. It's an addition that doesn't require adding foundation, walls and ceilings.

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