Choosing A Lot for
Your Dream Home

You need to avoid the pitfalls of choosing a lot when you're planning to build your dream home. You need to know things like what are the site constraints? And what are site setbacks of the property?

Site setbacks are municipal buffer zones around the borders of a piece of property. These setbacks are lines you will see on the site plan drawings of a proposed property.

You will need to consider that each municipality determines the setback of these lines. There are variations for each municipality.

You will need to determine, with your municipality, what portion of the property can be covered with a building. This is also called a building footprint.

Consider Easements

While you’re determining your municipal lot coverage you will also want to determine what easements ensue.

Easements are legal agreements that allow others to use a piece of land on or near your property.

Common easements are driveways, power lines, access to waterways, access to ditches, or utility lines running through a property.

Wind turbines are posing as a new easement concern with more and more of these electric-generating turbines popping up. Easements can also include views and solar access.

Easements, setbacks and lot coverage will have an impact on the type of building that you can build on a property.

Easements can also affect where garage and driveways are located on your property.

There are a lot of factors to consider when building on a vacant property.

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