Fiberglass Insulation

Fiberglass insulation comes as batts consisting of miniscule glass fragments. It does not combust and is relatively inexpensive as an insulation to use in your home.

The pink is only a “marketing” tool. The insulation has been dyed to that color. The fibers are very small which are dyed that pink color. And the marketing works! We all know about that pink panther!

Fiberglass Insulation Is a Great Product

Personally I like this type of insulation. It's easy to install. If installed properly it gives great R-value. And when and if you need to renovate or perform service work in the attic, the batts are easy to move.

Another benefit of fiberglass, is that this insulation does not rot or deteriorate. With fiberglass batt insulation, moisture will dry out if there is ventilation and as long as the batts don't become saturated.

But if the batts become saturated, removal and installation of new batts will be required. If the batts are left saturated, mold and mildew can build-up.

Installation of Fiberglass

During installation of this product, particles of insulation can easily become airborne causing irritation to the eyes, nose and throat. It's like tiny little particles of glass floating in the air.

Proper mask must be worn during installation. These little glass particles can also irritate your skin when the insulation comes in direct contact with your skin. It's optimal to wear long pants and long sleeved shirts to prevent any skin irritation.

But once this insulation is situated in the attic, this is no cause for concern.

Fiberglass provides excellent insulating value. It is something that homeowners can install themselves. There's really no technical skill involved.

But before you undertake your own attic insulation installation, check the manufacturers recommended installation instructions.

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