Home Renovation Tip

Re-Arranging The Function of a Room

One home renovation tip you should look at when you have your sights on a renovation, is to consider re-arranging room locations.

Could a too-small bathroom can now become a closet? Or could you move that too-small bathroom to the larger-sized toy room? Or look at moving the kids toys to better storage in their bedrooms. Or make that small bedroom beside the master bedroom your ensuite closet.

Consider many different uses for existing spaces. Ask yourself, "How can I re-work the space I already have?", or "How many uses can this room provide?"

Look at the overall flow of your floor plans.

Start at the entry doors. Is the front door in the right place? Could the front hallway be angled to accommodate a 2-piece bathroom?

With each room, ask yourself, "If this room could become anything, what would suit us best?"

Multiple Functions for Each Room

Finding a home renovation tip means considering multiple functions for the same space.

Maybe the spare bedroom, that gets used sparingly(?), to function also as a home office.

Built-in's add more storage to a space. Built-in cabinetry add depth and dimension to the room. And they simply look beautiful.

Consider building more cabinetry and shelving in the spare bedroom. This will increase the capacity of how a room will serve you.

Consider using the spare bedroom as additional storage while still serving well as a spare bedroom for guest. So many companies offer great storage solutions and cabinetry. I encourage built-in storage spaces all the time.

You could design your space underneath staircases as a homework station or bill-paying station. Really, do you need an entire room for this function. Usually a corner, a section or a hallway will do.

Maybe an unusually small bedroom with another small bedroom located beside it could become one large master bedroom.

Or maybe take part of a large bedroom beside the bathroom and decrease the size of the bedroom and increase the size of the bathroom. Everyone loves a big bathroom.

Spending the time analyzing different ways to subdivide extra large or under-used spaces is another home renovation tip that will pay big dividends.

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