House Construction Plans
and Orientation to the Sun

When organizing your house construction plans consider the orientation of the sun.

When you live in the northern hemisphere it’s ideal to have the back of your house facing south.

Add a beautiful view and you’ll be able to create your perfect dream home.

Finding the Perfect Lot

Of course, it could be difficult to find just that perfect lot.

You have to consider physical conditions, price and location then finding the perfect lot, with the perfect orientation to the sun might not be that easy.

Another option if you can’t find that perfect lot is to add high windows to the south facing wall.

This will draw more light and heat.

If you’re able to find that perfect lot …

-and all the conditions you’re looking for;

-and everything fits in with your house plans;

-and the orientation of the sun works;

-and the price is right, then grab it!

And build that dream home!

South Orientation

When your house is orientated to the south, you’ll be able to control the sunlight more easily than if it’s in the east or west side.

Sunlight from the east or the west shines into your window because the sun is lower in the sky. This makes the sunlight more difficult to filter from your windows. This sunlight can cause tremendous heat gain in the summertime. Of course, this heat gain is advantageous in the winter.

But if the sunlight is from the south, it is very high in the summer. With the sun high, overhangs will cut the sunlight from entering the house.

Then in winter, when the sun is lower, the sunlight will be welcomed as additional heat to the home. Orientation to the sun makes a difference in heating the home. One source of heating you might want to consider is installing a pellet stove as a heat source.

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