Choosing Kitchen Cabinet Colors

Cabinet Colors Affect The Look & Feel of The Kitchen

Choosing kitchen cabinet colors can make or break the look and feel of your kitchen.

And finding kitchen cabinet styles and colors is the fun part!

The marketplace offers a plethora of beautiful cabinetry and finishes. There are so many selections!

From traditional to modern and everything in between the choices can be overwhelming.

Although there are so many decision that need to be made in designing and remodeling your kitchen, the best part of designing a kitchen is choosing the kitchen cabinet colors and styles.

You can go from traditional style using oak to stream-lined sleek modern cabinets - and then everything in between.

Unify Appearances

Keeping continuity in design from kitchen to other areas of the house is really important if you have an open floor plan.

Whatever kitchen finishes you select will impact the look & feel in other parts of the house.

Quality of Finishes

What is quite common today in selecting kitchen cabinet colors is mixing cabinets. Although this is tricky to get it right, it can be a really unique and modern looking.

Whatever choice you make for your kitchen cabinets, detail the cabinets with quality finishes. High quality stone or marble countertops really enhance kitchen cabinets. High end flooring of wood or tile creates a high-end look in your kitchen.

And spend the money on quality paint and painting techniques. Choosing the right interior paint colors can be difficult. You can buy color samples at the hardware store. Once on the wall, you can view the color swatch during different times of the day.


Once you have determined the layout and what you want in your kitchen, you can select a cabinet style. Select a cabinet style that is in keeping with the rest of the house.

For instance, you don’t want to select modern cabinets in the kitchen when the rest of your house is decorated in French provincial.

Change It Up

You might look at putting lighter wood kitchen cabinets along the wall and pennisula.

Then the island can be dressed with a darker stained kitchen cabinet.

I've put kitchens in with 2 different cabinet styles and the look was great. If you're going to use 2 different stains, I would recommend keeping the cabinet styles congruent.

Get Inspiration

Magazines offers great ideas for kitchen cabinet colors.

Kitchen cabinet companies will show different kitchen designs, cabinetry and all the accessories.

Once you begin to see different styles and motifs, you’ll better know what “style” you’d like. Ask yourself, “What designs appeal to you most?” and “Why?”

Once you determine the direction of cabinet style you’d like, you can narrow the colour selection in that particular motif.

Start collecting samples of wood from manufacturers. Then bring the samples home and situate the wood at different angles in the room.

As you walk through the room at different times in the day you will see these cabinets in a different colour each time you pass by.

Customer Story

I did a kitchen remodel for a customer. We actually put in medium-quality cabinetry. They were beautiful cabinets but middle-of-the-road in price and quality.

But the remainder of the kitchen we had high-end appliances, sinks, granite countertops and high-end backsplash installed with the mid-grade cabinets.

Add to that we installed a hammered metal ceiling and a very high end floor. The results were magnificent! By using lesser quality cabinets and using higher end finishes we gave the kitchen a very upscale look.

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