Kitchen Cabinet Plans

Kitchens Require a Lot of Details

Developing kitchen cabinet plans with your professional designer takes some time.

Your designer is going to need some basic information about developing a great kitchen for you.

No matter what size is your kitchen, all kitchens should have some basic elements in them.

Here's My Short List

Start With Size! When designing your kitchen, keep porportions in mind. Designing a space that is in proportion to the other rooms throughout the house gives the room proper scale.

Consider Navigation It should be easy to navigate kitchen spaces. The flow of traffic through the kitchen should work. The flow of traffic from one room to the next should flow effortlessly.

Prep Stations The work stations should give you ample space to prepare meals. Allow for more than one person to work with meal preparation.

Logistics The cabinetry should be designed so that the most used items are stored close to the work station. The infrequently used items or seasonal items should be placed higher or near the perimeter of the storage cabinets.

Quality Design with durable materials when planning your kitchen. You should plan on installing quality cabinetry and countertops. Use high quality hinges and hardware.

Look & Feel When designing your kitchen, visualize the overall look and feel. It should look fresh and modern. Kitchen remodeling magazines are great resources for ideas.

What Inspires You? I have customers make a “wish list” when they are creating kitchen plans. What do you want in your kitchen? What gets you excited in kitchen design?

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