Lot Layout

Installing a New Septic System

If this is a country property, many considerations are needed for the lot layout.

Country properties will need an adequate septic system and potable drinking water systems working properly. If they're not, installation of these systems will need to be designed and installed.

Not only will these systems add to the cost of construction but the location of the septic system can affect your lot layout.

Here in our area, our municipality requires an engineering firm to establish the soil conditions, water table height, size of house and the number of plumbing fixtures, lot coverage, and any easements that would affect the type of septic systems that can be installed.

In conjunction with the municipality, the engineers will determine where you can place the systems on the lot.

I had a customer who wanted to complete a major renovation on their existing house.

The municipality required a septic inspection and audit of their existing system.
When increasing your existing floor area by more then 15% our provincial codes require a complete review and upgrade of your existing septic system. Chances are your system will not met current standards.

Requirements like this will result in your site preparation budget needing to be increased to cover this expense.

It was determined that the existing septic system was inadequate for their large family.

The testing also determined that the current septic system was situated in a low grade on the property.

Properties on both sides of this customer were higher and all site water runoff was running into the septic system area and loading up his septic system.

Needless to say, by the time we were done with new soil, re-grading and upgrading the size and quality of his septic system permits and approvals it added over $38,000 to the cost of his renovation.

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