A Major Home Remodeling Idea
Would Be Moving a Staircase!

Moving or reversing a staircase can be a major home remodeling project that is not an easy task. But there are times when it is well worth the effort.

If a stair is in the wrong place, it can eat up valuable floor space. Re-locating or modifying the staircase can bring significantly increase the square footage and provide a better overall flow to the floor plan.

Stair direction affects circulation and the direction of traffic. Poorly placed stairs can cause a series of problems in the layout of the home.

So what can be done with a staircase in the wrong area?

To accomodate the feeling of more space, opening a stairwell can make that happen. Is the staircase surrounded by walls that close everything off?

What about removing the walls in the staircase? Yeah, I know. You're thinking what a major home remodeling idea this is.

You can normally remove the walls from one floor and add beautiful modern railings.

Or maybe you can remove the walls from the basement, main level and right up to the upper level. This will create a much more modern feel and look to the space. It's a great way to create an open-floor plan. It can improve the house ventilation!

What about changing stair direction?

It adds drama! It adds light! It adds a greater sense of spaciousness! Can the landing be flipped? Can the landing be angle 90 degrees the other way?

Can you completely turn the entire staircase around to make more space on other levels? This solution usually maintains existing floor framing and just requires new stair assemblies.

Changing the stair direction can sometimes increase your headroom too.

What about staking your staircases? If the stair to the basement is not located under the stair to the second floor, it probably should be to maximize space.

This is really important if you have small spaces. Consider changing the location of the stairs. Position the stairs as a focal point in the middle of the house.

This allows for easiest access for all rooms within the house and minimize hallways.

If the staircase is located in one corner of the house, it is more inefficient to move from one level to another.

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