Site Soil Conditions

Planning the site soil conditions is something that will require scrutiny.

The soil in subdivisions are assessed and remedied before the subdivision is formed. If everything has been done correctly, there should be no concern with a properly designed subdivision.

But it's different with a country property. Determining the conditions is a step that just might pay well for itself. It’s the unseen conditions, the ones not visible, that can cause the most problems.

Cost For Soil Restoration

Even if you do find a soil problem and this problem can be resolved with engineered fill.

Keep in mind that it will be difficult for anyone to determine a fixed price to resolve it. The probability of the unknowns is so great and a professional will probably not be able to give you a fixed price.

If your architect or builder feels a soil test needs to be done, listen to their recommendation and get the test done. Better yet, get the testing done before you even purchase the land.

Testing The Soil

Site conditions can be determined by test holes. Engineers will test conditions with these test holes.

They are commonly performed. They can be expensive but they are necessary. Most likely your municipality will have you assess your soil conditions. Your architect will probably recommend one too.

If you don’t determine the site conditions prior to construction, you could run into some costly construction issues. These soil issues might need to be resolved before construction can continue.

Any inadequate soil can halt construction and severely add to the cost of your construction.

So start with determining the conditions of your site. This small exercise could save you any headaches right up front.

Test holes are the first construction terminology terms you'll need to learn.

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