Attic Remodeling Ideas

Attic remodeling ideas are growing in popularity. As land prices continue to increase, finding existing space inside the home to remodel is becoming a common trend.

Building another room in space you already own might be a viable option.

What about setting your sites on an attic renovation?

Renovating Attics

There are many benefits to remodeling the attic. Over the last decade this has become a common remodeling trend in the home improvement arena.

Attics can be budget busters! Of course, there are many decisions that need to be made if you're planning on remodeling the attic.

Many homes cannot accommodate an attic living space, particularly if they are built with roof trusses or a low pitch roof.

Larger, older homes typically built space in the attic using older technologies such as on-site roof rafters. In older days, people tended to use this space for storage. However, the trend to renovate these spaces is commonly done today.

The benefit of including the attic in your renovation plans is that it adds space to your home without having to add an addition.

Another benefit to an attic renovation is the privacy if offers the users of that space. You don't need large rooms to make space for privacy. Knowing that there's a getaway at the top of the house is all it takes.

Start with this simple questions. "Why do you need the extra space?" Determine what you're going to do with the space and then determine how extensively you want to renovate this space.

Attic Insulation

Attics can be technically difficult spaces to renovate. You'll need to find answers to many concerns before you even think about remodeling an attic.

Insulation is one of your concerns. You'll need to determine how the attic is currently being insulated. Then you'll need to determine the type and method of insulation you'll be using in this space before you dig into renovations.

Start with finding the best attic insulation you'll need to use in the attic space. Loose-fill cellulose is an excellent attic insulation product that has been commonly used in attics and it's certainly a consideration.

Spray foam insulation has it's pro's and con's. The biggest factor with spray foam insulation is cost of that product. And if budget is a consideration, then you'll need to know the cost of installing this type of insulation.

If you begin renovating an older attic space, it's possible to come across asbestos insulation. Here's what you'll need to consider if you do come across asbestos insulation .

One product that is well-used, well-marketed and performs well is fiberglass insulation . This is my favorite pick.

Attic Ventilation Will Need To Be Addressed in Your Attic Remodeling Plans

Attic vents are important. You'll need to know how they will work in your attic space when you're considering attic remodeling ideas.

If there is attic condensation , you will need to find out why and remedy this condition before you start. Your attic are the lungs for your house. Proper attic ventilation is crucial to maintain a properly performing house.

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